The Estonian airline, Nordica, will start to perform flights on the route Tallin-Ohrid-Tallin, as of 2018 summer season, TAV Macedonia announces. 

After the successful negotiations, led by TAV Airports Marketing Department from Istanbul, the airline confirmed its decision to start operations in Macedonia, introducing seasonal flights from the Estonian capital to the Macedonian touristic pearl – Ohrid, as of beginning 2018 summer season.

-We are happy to announce another new destination from Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle Airport - Tallin, that will be introduced by the Estonian airline Nordica as 1st of June next year. With seasonal scheduled flights on the route Tallin-Ohrid-Tallin, Nordica will bring Estonian tourists at Ohrid Lake once a week on Fridays from 1st of June until 15th of September. We expect more than 2.500 passengers from Estonia at Ohrid Airport during 2018 summer. Tallin means a new incoming passenger’s market for Ohrid Airport – Estonia, and we are very pleased to be able to introduce it, since it will bring many benefits not just for the airport, but for the whole touristic community. We thank to our Marketing Department from Istanbul, that succeeded to convince Nordica to start with flights from Macedonia and to Nordica airlines due their decision to start operations to Ohrid Airport, stated Alper Ersoy, TAV Macedonia General Manager.

As announced by the airline, the flight will last for 3 hours, while the tickets are on sale starting from today - 26th of September, with prices that begin from 99.90 EUR.

Nordica is promoting Ohrid among Estonians as the most popular holiday resort of Macedonia, a beautiful and romantic city, very rich in architecture, with magnificent landscape views, reminding their passengers that it is one of the oldest cities in Europe, protected by UNESCO World Heritage List.

-We want to offer our clients alternative destinations in addition to large metropolises. Our goal is to search for different and exciting holiday destinations that could also offer Estonian people the pleasure of discovery and where the local price level provides an opportunity for an affordable warm summer holiday. A lot of people have been to Paris and Rome, but Macedonia with its fantastic nature and culture are certainly worth visiting. When choosing the destination, we also considered it important for passengers to be able to visit several countries at a time, stated Sven Kukemelk, the Executive Director Business Development in Nordica.

According to Kukemelk, Nordica’s summer routes are very popular and this summer the airline served more than 20.000 passengers on its seasonal routes to Split, Rijeka and Odessa.

Nordica is the Estonian flag carrier that offers a large number of flights from Tallin to different European destinations, and in cooperation with partner airlines offers connecting flights to more than 140 destinations in the world. 

Tallin will be the 5th new charter-flight destination added from Ohrid Airport in the past two years, connecting the Macedonian holiday resort with Estonia, one more new incoming market for passengers at Ohrid Airport and for tourists at Ohrid Lake.

This year in June seasonal flights from Poland were opened on the route Katowice-Ohrid-Katowice, while in 2016 TAV managed to re-establish the charter flights from Belgrade, and open seasonal charter flights from Tel Aviv and Brussels.    

With the traditional charter flights from Amsterdam and the regular routes to Zurich, Basel and London, that are operational year round, Ohrid Airport has already been spotted by ACI as one of the fastest growing airports in Europe, in its size. 

TAV Macedonia finished the first 8 months of 2017 with 10% annual increase in passenger traffic at both Macedonian airports – Skopje Alexander the Great and Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle. At the same time the number of flights has an increase of remarkable 18%, on the annual level.