The goal of this visit for the French tour operators, organized by TAV Airports, is to convince them to include Macedonia in their tours through the Balkans, organized by regular charter-flights to Ohrid Airport

 TAV Airports from Istanbul, through its marketing department this weekend have brought major French tour operators to meet the beauties of Macedonia and Ohrid region.

 Representatives of six French tour operators, among which TUI France and Mondial tourisme, during this weekend are introduced with Ohrid region beauties and tourism possibilities, in order to convince them to include Ohrid and Macedonia in their touristic packages for the Balkans, operated by regular charter-flights to Ohrid Airport.

 The marketing representative at TAV Airports, Serkan Karahatay, between meetings with the French tour operators, explained that this visit have purpose to bring new charter flights to Ohrid, by attracting the French tour operators.

 -Bringing the biggest French outgoing tour operators to Macedonia this weekend, is part of TAV Airports constant activities for attracting new airlines and new tour operators to Macedonian airports. The one thing that makes our job easier when it comes to Ohrid Airport is the natural and untouched beauty of Ohrid Lake, that is presented to all foreign tour operators and airlines as a unique potential for their business. We expect fruitful meetings and reaching our goal – convince these tour operators to include Macedonia and Ohrid in their touristic packages within the Balkan countries. As tour operators they all have their airlines that can fly to Ohrid within organized charter flights, bringing French and other European tourists in Macedonia’’, stated Serkan Karahatay, TAV Airports Marketing representative.    

 Besides the meetings with TAV Airports, the French tour operators this weekend will have meetings with Ohrid Municipality and of course taken to sight-seeing and visits of all historical cultural inheritance in Ohrid.  

 TAV Macedonia, as part of TAV Airports, finished the first 8 months of 2016 with 19% increase in passenger traffic at both Macedonian airports – Skopje Alexander the Great and Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle by 27%, reaching 1.211.588 passengers. At the same time the number of flights have been increased by 12%, reaching total of 11.459 aircraft operations.