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  OHD :  23.01.2020,16:28

Established 10 years ago as a joint venture between Tepe and Akfen Groups, TAV has arrived at a critical milestone today. During this 10 year period, which in fact is a rather brief span compared to the lifetimes of both individuals and institutions, TAV has advanced by leaps and bounds, transformed into a major regional brand name and aimed higher with every passing day.
As TAV Airports Holding, we are among the major airport operating companies, not only in Turkey, but in the world today, thanks to the experience and know how we have gained since our inception and quality human resources. 
On the other hand, by attracting and accepting investors from four distinct geographical regions, we have reinforced our capital structure, as well as getting stronger from a strategic standpoint in the international marketplace with the assets of our partners. We have shared our story of growth that started in 1997 with the Istanbul Atatürk Airport International Terminal and has blossomed at a dizzying pace with our community, and have successfully offered TAV to the public.
We, as TAV Airports Holding, know each and every component of an airport and the related operation and construction process. We have created this value here in Turkey, and now we are exporting it. Airport operations are a non-stop 24/7 service and human resources operations are vital since we provide these services with a staff numbering in the thousands. We provide a positive value for the Turkish economy with the airport construction and operation projects we undertake. We aim to provide services at universal quality and standards in Turkey, and create a reliable and quality environment for all of our clients.
We will continue to create values for our costumers and our country in all segments we provide services, in order to maintain our leadership and solidify our staying power.
Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us in our quest..
Dr. M. Sani Şener 
Board Member and President and CEO 
TAV Airports Holding
  OHD :  23.01.2020,16:28
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